the AI that can <think.>

Statement by statement, solving the world.

QuasiSolve uses state-of-the-art Logical AI to find solutions to some of math's toughest problems. Through the use of simple statements, it can prove almost anything.

The End of Black-Box AI

For over 40 years, artificial intelligence has been done through "black-box" models, providing no visibility on how the AI accomplishes its tasks. This leads to costly retraining, large amounts of data needed, and more importantly, no intuition on the solution gained. Logical AI solves this.

Advancing Humanity's Knowledge

Far beyond a simple service, QuasiSolve provides solutions that are useful outside of the AI. This means that when QuasiSolve is training, it's not just improving a distant AI model. It's advancing humanity as we know it, solving problems that were unsolvable.

Artificially Mimicking Human Problem-Solving

Humans don't look at a problem by taking it all in at once, and making successively better guesses; we go step by step, drawing connections and trying out new strategies. QuasiSolve mimics this, allowing it to try a far more diverse problem-set than current AI.

Constantly Improving AI

Even when QuasiSolve cannot solve a problem, it's constantly testing ideas, and forming connections. These connections carry across problems, allowing the AI to learn tactics to help it solve any problem, even if it's initial attempts fail.

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